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Touch-Free Entry and Exit Tracking

May 13, 2020


It’s been on the news. It’s been discussed over millions of Zoom calls. It’s a topic of hot debate: how does a company open “safely?” Does “safe” exist? Is there a way to keep employees safe while pushing business forward and protecting them financially?

The jury may still be out. But, one thing is sure: people are going back to work. As your team debates how to do this, whether it’s next week or next year, you’re likely looking for ways to negate the risks associated with COVID-19 as much as possible.

Your target solution likely includes:

  • Fever/temperature tracking in one form or another (with integrations with Bluetooth thermometers when possible).
  • A scanning or photo system to avoid touching a shared device.
  • The ability to track who was in a given area or location at a certain time, should contract tracing need to occur after an employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

Among other things.

In recent conversations, we’ve heard these needs come up time and time again: groups are looking for simple, straightforward solutions that help them achieve these results and meet these simple needs.

Mines, car manufacturers, catering groups, fast-food franchises, and others, while serving different publics, must all start by protecting those who keep them up and running. They must safeguard their teams as much as possible.

The concern we all share is the same. The mission of finding a way to profit and open is also the same: at some point, we must find a way to move forward.

While these initiatives listed above are just a start, they don’t have to be a complex problem that needs solving. Simple solutions, solutions that can be deployed quickly, are of the utmost importance.

Solutions Do Exist

Risk assessment is a personal decision for the management of a given plant, location, or overall organization. In fact, the next year or so may necessitate a series of open and close cycles to ride the COVID-19 wave, until a more permanent cure or treatment exists.

Until then, when an organization decides it is time to move forward, being able to monitor the health of the workforce, while tracking historic entries and exits is critical.

We may not be able to provide concrete answers (can anyone right now?), we are working to come alongside groups like those mentioned above, and like your as well. We’ve launched a COVID Command Center that includes forms and solutions we’ve built, along with an open invitation to share your specific needs. Touch-free entry and exit tracking is a part of the solutions we’ve begun to develop and launch.

Here’s the thing: we’re all in this together. The more we talk and the more we share, the more we can all learn and grow. We’d love to hear your organization’s story and your needs. Together, we can do big things; together, we can figure out a way to open in the safest manner possible.

If you’re facing new needs, are interested in learning more about our pre-built COVID solutions, or, just want to share your story, we want to listen. Please start a chat here on our site or email us at sales (@) zerionsoftware.com, today.

Here’s to a better way!

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