Our Leadership Team.

We believe in our people. It’s our people with an aligned purpose that makes our products so great. Purpose drives great products. Our team enjoys a challenging, open, collaborative work environment. You’ll notice that each member of the Zerion team brings a unique perspective to the team, but our core values are the steel thread of who we are and what we do.
Sze Wong

Chief Executive Officer
Sze Wong is the CEO at Zerion Software. He is a developer, a workaholic and, most importantly, a father of two. He is a little crazy at times and sometimes he will do things that seem to make no sense at all. Sze is most relaxed when he is working and gets stressed out when he is on vacations.

Tony Ruth

Chief Operating Officer
As COO, Tony Ruth enjoys being challenged, and has a natural curiosity that constantly leads him in new directions. His background is in business but has a love for technology and all things mobile. Outside of work Tony loves running, snowboarding, playing paintball, and breaking (then fixing) cars.

Hoi Lum

Chief Financial Officer 
As CFO, Lum is extremely detailed oriented and leverages her extensive background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She is an avid cat lover with 2 cats of her own. She has a collection of over 200 cat related items at home and continues to grow her collection.

Laura Pyne

Vice President of Marketing
Laura came to Zerion Software through content creation, and enjoys telling stories, connecting with customers, and building marketing efforts in addition to getting to know customers and problem solving. Outside of work she is a mom of five and nature enthusiast who enjoys running and competing in Ninja Warrior.

Joe Vetoe

Technical Project Manager
As the Lead Product Manager at Zerion Software, Joe specializes in developing the iOS and Android iForm app (and talking about himself in the third person). Having started out on the support side, he’s heard all your feedback and uses that knowledge to create a user-centric experience and drive innovation in mobile application development. Beyond his professional role, Joe loves three things; his kids, a good whiskey and the Philadelphia Eagles (not always in that order).

Josh Snyder

Director of Business Development
Josh is an experienced sales professional who has enjoyed working across different industries and products. He is dedicated, consistent, process-oriented, solution-focused, and enjoys taking on business challenges. Above all, he gets great satisfaction in delivering valuable and effective solutions to clients. Josh enjoys spending time with his daughter, playing soccer, hiking, and building things in his garage.