Introducing: AI Data Collection.

Collecting data just got easier on ANY Platform

Imagine: an assistant in the field, walking along side you, listening as you describe inspection points (in the order that suits you), and asking followup questions if data points are missed. THEN, imagine that data being placed into a standardized form specific to your team’s needs, and being sent to wherever you need it to go.
Introducing: aiFormBuilder.

Harnessing conversational AI, your team can use the features that make iFormBuilder stand out (mobile, offline flexibility) to do more, with even more flexibility and convenience, using the power of AI.

Looking to introduce conversational AI in other Saas Products and Business Processes? We can help with that too. Using our AI Overlay tool, you can talk to the software you already use for everyday processes from HR tools to CRMs and beyond. Using AI doesn’t have to be a challenge: it can make your team more efficient, today.

Ready to use AI for field inspections, to increase productivity and standardization at the same time? Now’s a great time to get started. Let’s talk!

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