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Repurposing Existing Solutions for Maximum Impact

May 12, 2020

As the COVID-19 situation marches forward, more individuals and families need support, businesses need to launch new solutions to grow into the new age, and technology must adjust to meet these unprecedented, often changing needs.

The keyword here is “changing.”

What seemed to be the status quo just a few months ago, feels like a lifetime ago. Today, many of us are preparing to move forward.

Internally, we’ve started to address new needs by launching a COVID Command Center. But, we’ve noticed something exciting happening among our customers as well: change in the form of repurposing.

Here’s What We Mean:

Suddenly, groups that have done one thing, at a local or global level, have been able to repurpose their existing functions and technologies to meet new needs and, in some cases, new markets altogether.

In one case, a customer, a global leader in the airline catering industry, was called upon to use their existing kitchens to fill the needs of food pantries and other charitable organizations. By utilizing their existing tools, safeguards, and processes, while making a few modifications they have been able to transform their day-to-day operations to do good: real, measurable good. To this end, they’ve modified their existing Zerion solutions to track the needs that exist, along with the preparation processes to maintain safety throughout the endeavor. It’s exciting to watch and to be a part of.

Another group we spoke with – a manufacturing group – is in the process of connecting with other manufacturers and high-end brands around the world to produce PPE for various hospitals and organizations. By working together with the materials that are available to each group, while sharing the needs they learn about in various communities, these “small” brands are making giant strides. Most importantly, they’re harnessing the technology already available to them in new ways with great results.

In other situations, major restaurant chains have changed their models to deliver groceries to customers. These groups, able to obtain fresh food that has become more difficult for the general process due to new supply chain issues, are now providing “whole,” non-prepared foods alongside traditional offerings. They’re meeting a new need with a simple change in both outlook and the technology already available to them.

Great News: Your Team Can Become a Part of the Solution Too. We Can Help.

Here’s the thing: reinventing the way you serve your communities and target markets doesn’t need to mean starting from scratch. That’s not what this new world of ours requires.

Instead, with a few modifications and a willingness to try something new, you can serve your existing customers or entirely new markets in big ways. You can fill the gap between what “used to be” and what’s needed for the days, months, or even years to come.

If we sound excited, that’s because we are. We are excited to hear about the ways our current customers are adjusting their existing Zerion mobile data solutions to meet new data needs and processes. We love seeing new teams come in through our COVID Command Center, looking for simple, ready-to-use forms, and customized solutions that relate to new business operations as the world changes.

Most importantly: we’re mobilized and ready to help. We’ve always believed in solving problems and helping teams overcome hurdles. We understand that many times, these needs look different from one team to another and that most “one-size-fits-all” solutions generally fall short when operations go below surface level. 

If you’re ready to maximize your impact during this time, are facing new data needs, or need your existing processes tweaked to provide a different outlook, different reports, different collection processes, or entirely different solution, start a chat with us here on our site, today. 

Let’s move forward and change the world together. Here’s to a better way!

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