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Railways: Increased Supply Needs, Increased Data Needs

May 12, 2020

As the world moves forward, one thing is certain: the need for efficient supply chain routes, especially via traditional freight lines, is more critical than ever.

At a time when many industries are looking for ways to radically change or even reinvent themselves to face the challenges of our current state, rail transport companies dealing with consumer goods must rely on tried and true systems but with higher demands.

We’re watching it unfold in real-time.

While new solutions, like tracking COVID-19 exposure and monitoring employee fevers must be implemented, there’s also a need to become more efficient than ever before. They must do the same thing they’ve always done, but, they must do it better.

Dated solutions for tracking safety, reporting accidents, and monitoring daily good transportation are no longer enough. As such, these groups have been reaching out for mobile versions of traditional forms, adding users at a higher pace than ever before, and more.

Most importantly, they’re supporting the financial infrastructure of countries around the world: better mobile data solutions are driving measurable results. It couldn’t be more exciting to watch and support.

Is your industry facing an increased need with recent world changes? What could better efficiency do for you?

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