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Fast Food Reopening Guidelines: A New Horizon

May 15, 2020

Yesterday, the clear picture of what fast-food chains may need to accomplish in order to open began to come into view, via a 59-page series of guidelines published by industry-leader, McDonald’s (as reported by the Wall Street Journal).

The step is hopeful: opening dining rooms has been widely discussed, especially in the U.S., since COVID-19 forced closures. Restaurants around the world are looking to leaders like McDonald’s for guidelines on moving forward, and now, they’re here.

The first – and most important – step is clear: protecting employees and customers. To do this, updated sanitation standards and procedures are absolutely necessary, which is what the published guide creates a plan for.

These processes include:

  • Cleaning restrooms every 30 minutes during open hours.
  • Sanitizing order kiosks (if in use) after each use.
  • Sanitizing tables after each use.
  • Placing distance markers on the floors.
  • Closing public soda fountains, or, placing an employee to oversea use and continually sanitize.

And more.

The world is moving forward, but, it certainly will look different. For fast food chains looking to open dining rooms, following guidelines like this will be absolutely essential, whether an “official” playbook is in use or not.

But, How Can You Keep Up?

As a restaurant owner or franchisee, you may see these new standards as important, but, difficult to deploy and track. If so, you’re not alone: this represents a significant change from past operations.

Before, a simple cleaning checklist may have been enough; today, it simply won’t do.

Today, restaurants must learn to harness the power of mobile technology and data-tracking solutions to both ensure the highest levels of sanitation and track historic data, should procedures ever come into question.

Here at Zerion, we’re proud to stand with large fast-food chains and local restaurant owners as a support during this time. Simple forms and mobile data solutions can empower teams like yours to simplify seemingly complex sanitation-tracking hurdles while helping sure the safety of your team members and customers.

Are you looking for a solution to move forward in this new world? We’d love to talk. Start a chat here on our site or email sales (@) zerionsoftware.com for more information. Here’s to a better way

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