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University of Miami Health System uses Zerion to track and manage inventory, inspect and maintain equipment, track sanitation and safety and more.

Increased Operational Efficiency: Better Data in Action

For hospital facility management, operational efficiency and accurate data are non-negotiable, especially as they relate to various inspections and maintenance tasks.

Recently, we were able to discuss the way iFormBuilder has revolutionized these processes for the University of Miami Hospital, with Executive Director of Hospital Facilities and Operations, Jose Ramirez, and System Administrator Elizabeth Viso.

Inspections are Critical

Each year, for the University of Miami Hospital to run smoothly and in compliance with all applicable regulations, approximately 200 inspections are required at various intervals. The traditional inspection process was tedious, time-consuming and filled with inconsistencies stemming from various data collection methods, the backgrounds of team members and duplicate manual efforts.

This began to change four years ago, when the University of Miami team found iFormBuilder.

As Jose explains, “we developed our own apps using iFormBuilder to perform necessary inspections. These apps have reduced our time spent collecting and working with data by 50%.”

The Process in Action

For increased inspection efficiency, automation is the key to productivity and a higher quality of overall data, so, the University of Miami team sought to decrease manual efforts wherever possible.

One of the examples Jose and Elizabeth shared, started with bathroom cleaning checks. Administrators needed to know when janitorial staff members were cleaning bathrooms. However, because the team consists of individuals who speak a variety of languages, with differing technological abilities, this presented a challenge… until it didn’t.

Using iFormBuilder, sanitation team members simply scan a barcode when they enter a bathroom for cleaning purposes. The application pulls all relevant information, including the bathroom location, team member information and time, allowing administration to track cleaning schedules and to ensure regular completion.

Other tasks that are completed with more efficiency using iFormBuilder include:

  • Inventory tracking and management.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Tasks in the pharmacy setting.
  • Safety checks.
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance, and more.

The Reception Speaks for Itself

In any environment, finding users willing to adopt new technology can be a challenge. Learning something new can be difficult and frustrating, which often leads to resistance.

This has not been the case for iFormBuilder at the University of Miami Hospital, however.

As Elizabeth explains, “the team has definitely been receptive! Someone from another department see is in action and they want it!.”

This level of acceptance and excitement has led to widespread adoption; currently, the University of Miami Hospital has nearly 300 satisfied, active users.

Integrations Add Additional Value

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the University of Miami Hospital team is impressed by the way iFormBuilder integrates with other tools, like ClickSense, what the hospital uses for data analytics.

The “seamless, painless” integration makes it easy for users to catch and identify their own mistakes, and for updates to be implemented without a hassle.

Tangible Benefits

The University of Miami Hospital is pleased with the way iFormBuilder has transformed processes, increased efficiency and productivity and streamlined reporting processes, all built on the foundation of better, standardized data.

Interested in learning what iFormBuilder could do to improve your facility’s processes? Visit:

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