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KFC uses Zerion to streamline marketing initiatives, cutting response times down from weeks to days, track food temperatures and more.

KFC has been working with Zerion solutions in restaurants across the country since 2015.

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with John Freeman, Sr. Manager of Operations for KFC, who was able to share feedback relating to the way the Zerion platform works with and for KFC restaurants and employees.

Here’s what we learned:

In the restaurant industry, timing, customer satisfaction and consistency are critical for long-term growth and success. However, previous methods of collecting and working with data — specifically, working with a pen and paper — continually fell short.

To improve overall efficiency, KFC needed a user-friendly solution that would decrease the time between data collection and reporting, improving processes ranging from temperature tracking and picture taking to restaurant evaluations and creating guides for new restaurant openings.

They turned to Zerion Software’s iFormBuilder mobile platform.

Zerion’s targeted, customized mobile data solutions have increased KFC’s ability to affect widespread change while making better decisions.

The Solution in Action

One example Freeman shared, took place about a year ago. The corporation had implemented a new marketing initiative, and needed to perform checks in multiple stores to verify that the campaign had been adopted properly.

During previous evaluations, after data had been collected, the compilation and reporting process had required approximately 6 weeks’ time.

This time, things were different. As management team members visited restaurants and collected information, it became clear that certain suggested selling points were not being utilized at the point of sale. Within 4 days, KFC was able to implement a new screen within the POS system that required the sequence to be shared properly before an employee could move onto the next stage of the sale.

Instead of waiting weeks — and missing increased revenue potential — before obtaining results and implementing the change, KFC could implement widespread change across over 4,000 restaurants, keeping the campaign on track and increasing its potential for success.

Simple Data Collection, Real-Time Reports, Fast Process Adjustment

Overall, the solution is growing and being implemented by franchises across the country. Team members are pleased with real-time information and emailed reports, along with the simplicity of the customized solution, and the adoption has been widespread.

As consistency and efficiency increase, so do customer satisfaction and growth potential. Zerion has helped KFC grow in each of these areas, and is proud to continue to provide solutions and support as needs evolve and the business grows.

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