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Burpee relies on Zerion functionality to gather information in real time on over 400 seed trials a year.

We visited the historical W. Atlee Burpee Fordhook Farm of the Burpee Seed Company, to see how they use Zerion’s iFormBuilder Mobile Data Collection platform in cataloging and documenting seed growth and viability. The video below was filmed at Burpee’s Fordham Hook Farm test garden in Doylestown PA. There, we met with Brynn Coolidge, the field research coordinator for the 130-year old seed company.


Brynn and her workmates track over 400 different vegetable seed trials each year, as part of their goal to help the home grower. They track from seed to finished product, and send to market only the highest quality (and tastiest!) vegetable seeds.

As Brynn states in the video, the differences between working with paper forms and mobile data collection iFormBuilder apps are enormous:

“Prior to (using) iFormBuilder, we would go out with pen and paper, and track each category we needed to keep track of… we would have binders full of paper…”

“And now we have the iFormBuilder! Which kept (the information) in one centralized location, and is so easy to use. It keeps our organization much more together.”

Not only does Brynn use iFormBuilder in managing and cataloguing the seed trials, she built the form she uses on the iPad herself! Using iFormBuilder’s pre-made mobile form template, Ms. Coolidge adapted and edited the form to her needs, taking advantage of the skip logic and third-party integration widgets that iFormBuiilder offers.

We’re so proud to help Brynn and all of Burpee grow seeds in the garden, and offer up tasty, healthy vegetables on the dinner table.

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