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Zerion’s On-Site Approach to Mobile Data Collection and Customizable Solutions

May 10, 2023

At Zerion, we understand the importance of mobile data solutions in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why we love getting on-site with our customers – it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of their unique needs and challenges, and helps us design and implement tailored solutions that meet those needs.

One of the biggest advantages of getting on-site with customers is that we can see firsthand how their current processes and systems are working. This allows us to identify areas where improvements can be made and recommend solutions that can help streamline their operations and increase efficiency. For example, we might notice that a customer is spending a lot of time manually entering data from paper forms into a database. In this case, we could recommend the use of mobile forms and automation to automate data collection and reduce the time and errors caused by manual data entry.

Another key benefit of getting on-site with customers is that we can help advise on best practices for mobile data collection and management. Whether it’s conducting a site survey to ensure that data collection devices are being used in the most efficient and effective way possible, or providing training on how to properly use and maintain devices, we can help customers get the most out of their mobile data solutions.

Additionally, we provide professional services that help with the implementation of mobile data solutions. This can include everything from configuring and customizing mobile forms and workflows, to integrating with other systems, such as GIS and ERP platforms.

Here’s the thing: we’d love to get on site with your team, to see your processes in action and to provide tailored, on-site advice and support. If you’re looking for ways to improve your mobile data collection and management processes, we would be happy to work with you to design and implement a solution that meets your specific needs, or to tweak your existing solutions to better meet your needs as they stand today.

To set up a time to bring our team on site, to problem-solve together, or to set up specific, individualized learning opportunities for your team, contact your CS team representative, today!

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