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Streamlining Field Inspections with Mobile Data Collection: The Power of iFormBuilder

Feb 6, 2023

Since our inception, iFormBuilder has been well-received and utilized for field inspections. This is due to a variety of functionalities, but, regardless of industry, the outcome has been similar: improved efficiency and accuracy of data collected in the field.

For teams looking for a new way to work with data, the following features are worth noting:

1. Mobile Data Collection

iFormBuilder allows for easy data collection through the use of mobile forms. Field inspectors can easily fill out forms on smartphones or tablets while they’re on-site, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

2. Customizable Forms

iFormBuilder allows for the creation of custom forms that can be tailored to specific inspection needs. These forms can include various field types such as text, date, number, checkbox and more. This allows for the capture of accurate and complete data for every inspection.

3. Real-time Data Syncing

Once a form is completed on a mobile device, the data is synced in real-time with iFormBuilder’s cloud-based server. This allows for immediate access to the data from any device with internet access, enabling faster decision making and reducing the time to report on the inspection results

4. Integration with GIS

iFormBuilder allows for the integration of GIS data into the mobile forms, enabling field inspectors to easily locate and navigate to the inspection site, and also to easily capture the location data of the inspection.

5. Automated Notifications

With iFormBuilder, it’s easy to set up automated notifications and reminders for inspections. This allows for the scheduling of inspections to be more efficient, and also reducing the risk of missed inspections.

In summary, iFormBuilder is an essential tool that can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of field inspections. By allowing for mobile data collection, customizable forms, real-time data syncing, integration with GIS data and automated notifications, it can help save time and reduce errors, ultimately resulting in better quality inspections and reporting.

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