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Share Your Voice with the Zerion Community

Mar 5, 2020

We’re proud of iFormBuilder customers, they’re avid learners who are always eager to take the initiative to problem-solve. We love hearing their visions for iFormBuilder, but their ideas can also be appreciated by a much larger audience. At Zerion, we believe that Knowledge is Gathered and the Zerion Community follows that mission. 

What is the Zerion Community?

Our Community is divided into 6 categories. All of these categories give customers the opportunity to interact with our products, hold discussions with team members and share ideas. 

  1. Blog: Read blog posts written by the Zerion team about our product and industry news!
  2. What’s New?: Learn and discuss new features, products, and services.
  3. iFormBuilder Feature Requests: Suggest enhancements and vote for your favorites.
  4. Integration Feature Requests: Dream big! Discuss how you want to connect iForm with other software and services.
  5. Customer Solutions Showcase: Share your expertise and learn how people solve problems using iFormBuilder in the real world.
  6. General Questions and Ideas: Look at our community’s product ideas and add your own to the mix.

How can the Community help you?

When you post a question or idea on our Community page, you are getting feedback from not only iFormBuilder team members but also other customers who are using the software. Sometimes the best solution can be heard from another user using the software. The Community is here to provide self-service customer support.

Our Development Team frequently visits the Community to search for ideas and read more about how customers are using the products. It is a great chance to reach our developers directly. Frequently, they propose ideas to the Community to see whether or not an idea is desired by customers. Additionally, community members themselves also share ideas which other members can comment on and vote to turn it into a reality. 

Join Today

You can be sharing your vision for iFormBuilder and voting on new ideas in a matter of minutes! Join the Community here by creating an account and begin discussing with other users like you.

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