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JSA with Zerion Software

Mar 16, 2020

Job Safety Analysis, or JSA, has – perhaps – never been as important as it is today. From new equipment on plant floors, to the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants and more, companies, especially in the manufacturing space, have numerous – important – considerations.

JSA isn’t new. As a procedure which helps integrate accepted safety and health principles into a specific task or specific job, the purpose is to identify potential hazards while recommending the way those hazards can be addressed and minimized for maximum safety on the job site.

We Get It.

We really do.

In fact, for the last decade, we’ve been helping teams around the world identify safety hazards using customized forms, thousands of integrations, and more. We’ve also been creating new tools, like a Portal SDK that’s currently in the works, to help with what happens after the data is collected and hazards are identified.

When a hazard is identified during a JSA, a control is generally required to minimize that hazard. Whether a hard or soft control, the desired end result is to create a barrier or solution that prevents the hazard from causing harm.

When properly enacted, JSA’s can minimize downtime, cut costs associated with damaged products or injuries, and contribute to better functionality overall.

It Doesn’t Stop There

While official, regular JSAs are necessary, your team shouldn’t have to wait to identify and remedy hazards on job sites or plant floors.

This is where Zerion’s suite of products really shines.

Using our tools, many organizations have created “See Something Say Something” forms, that allow team members to identify potential problems and hazards around the clock, allowing those responsible to respond, long before an official JSA report is created.

This ongoing solution empowers all team members to actively contribute to safety on the worksite, which could reduce risks, improve engagement and satisfaction, and remove hazards on an ongoing basis.

Data – when gathered with the right tools, customized for your specific needs – is powerful only when it can be visualized and reacted to.

Are you using the right mobile data solution for your needs? Think it’s time for a change? Unsure of where to start? Talk to us today using the chat box at the bottom of this page. We’d love to help you create a better way.

For data solutions that go beyond the standard, Zerion is here to help. We can’t wait to hear about your team’s specific needs, today!

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