Solve business problems and make better decisions with flexible end-to-end mobile solutions, powerful data-driven workflows, easy-to-understand custom reports.

Mobile Data Collection

Build powerful, advanced forms and apps with unmatched functionality with or without a connection.

Dataflow Automation

Put your data to work. Refine, filter, and transform data from any source and build actionable dataflows.

Custom Reports

Unlock the value of business data through insightful online reports and dashboards.

Secure Storage

Protect your data with the ultimate long-term storage solution that is built on a trust-no-one infrastructure.

Imagine Starting With Good Data

At Zerion, we believe capturing Good Data is the ultimate indicator of successful teams and allows you to focus on what matters most in your organization.

Advanced Form Building

Zerion Data Collection offers the most powerful and advanced mobile data collection forms for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Powerful API

With Zerion’s API, enterprise customers are able to redefine how data flows through their organization

White Label

Companies, organizations, and agencies can custom brand Zerion Data Collection for either internal distribution or for Certified Solution Providers.

Mobile Data Collection.


Zerion Data Collection is an award winning mobile-first forms and business app solution for iOS and Android. Field Teams are able to capture field data with or without an internet connection using advanced business logic, calculations, subforms, and dispatching capabilities.

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On-Premise/Private Cloud

Need control of your data? Host the Zerion Data Collection platform in your own environment, on premise, and behind your fire wall.

Unmatched Security

Your data is important, and should be secure from the moment of input until it lands safely behind your firewall. That’s why Zerion Data Collection offers the most comprehensive set of security features in the industry.

GPS & Location Information

Every record that is captured contains metadata. Eliminate any discrepancies on key information such as time and date, user information, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and compass direction.

Automation Makes Your Data Work For You

Most companies spend an incredible amount of time and energy manipulating and shaping their data to prepare it for reporting or visualization. Zerion redefines how IT teams think about data and reporting.

Dataflow Automation.

Big Data Capabilities Any Organization Can Leverage

Zerion Dataflow Automation provides organizations with Big Data capabilities including data management, robust processing, and deep integration without having to invest millions of dollars or have a deep development team. Zerion Dataflow Automation centralizes data throughout your company and puts your data to work in unimaginable ways.


Simply import data from any source into your Dataflow. Use a webhook to capture active or passive data from any number of sources and begin to leverage your raw data.


Zerion Dataflow Automation does the heavy lifting by providing the platform you need to filter, aggregate, and transform data into meaningful information.


Put your data into motion by creating Actions to generate alerts, notifications, emails, and custom PDFs. Or integrate with SQL Server, insert records into Zerion Data Collection, and upload shaped data into Tableau.

Innovation and Insights occur when everyone knows why

At Zerion, we believe seamless reporting and business intelligence capabilities is a byproduct of polished and shaped data. With refined data, generating powerful custom reports and client facing deliverables is natural.

Custom Reporting.

Quickly Bring Your Data To Life

Track, monitor and gain insights from your institutional data with real-time dashboards and custom reports. Drive better decision making from your teams.



Create beautiful reports and dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Add calculations or logic to your reports and dashboards with an easy to use formula engine.


Build amazing reports with a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components. Access and interact with your reports and dashboard on the go through your iPad or Tablet.


Build and deploy reports to share with your teams in the places you collaborate the most. Send emails, share PDFs, or print reports to equip your teams with the information they need to make better decisions.

Together. One Solution.

Focus on What Matters Most.

Zerion combines data collection, dataflow automation and custom reports with the support of a creative professional services team to develop solutions for you to focus on what matters most.

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Zerion helps you focus on what matters most by delivering solutions to create efficiency and productivity at every phase of your company. Every data problem has three distinct components: Data Collection, Data Refining and Data Reporting. Zerion delivers the ability for your people, processes, and platforms to flow in harmony. Imagine being able to gain an extra 40 hours a week from your team. What is the value of efficiency in your work? We want to help. Redefine how your teams work with data so you can focus on what matters most to your organization.

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